Financial Resources

Taking on the responsibility of a child or children when you had not planned for it can be challenging financially. If the child is in foster care through DCF Family Services and you could become a foster parent, you will be eligible for monthly foster care payments.  Speak to the social worker about becoming a foster parent. For more information see the A Guide for Foster and Kinship Foster Families in Vermont. Click here

If you have legal guardianship or custody through Family Court you may be eligible for assistance for the child.  DCF ECONOMIC SERVICES DIVISION can provide cash assistance through the Reach Up Program to those who are caring for a child under the age of 18 who has little or no income and is not in foster care. The income level of the relative caregiver may be excluded in order to provide assistance to the child. Visit your local office. For a list of offices or to apply online Click here or call 1-800-479-6151.  For additional financial resources see pages 17-21 of the Vermont Resource Guide for Relatives Caring for Children.     REQUEST A PRINTED COPY from VKAP by calling 802-871-5104 or Click here for an online link.

Vermont AGENCY OF HUMAN SERVICES – Department for Children and Families
CHILD-ONLY REACH UP – Child-Only Reach Up provides cash assistance to help eligible adults care for the minor, dependent children of relatives or family friends.