The Vermont Kinship Caregivers Guide has been updated!

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Congratulations to the 2019 Marge Wood Award recipients!

Every year during the Vermont Kin as Parents annual conference we present two awards, one honoring a caregiver and one honoring a professional who have gone above and beyond for children/youth in kinship care. 

Marge Wood was an amazing professional who saw a need for kinship support and helped facilitate the first kinship support group in Vermont.  She provided insight and guidance to every family she met.  We have named this award in her honor!

The awardees were honored at the Vermont Kin as Parents Conference on September 10, 2019 at the Delta Hotel in South Burlington, Vermont.

Click here for some promised resources from VKAP’s 2019 Conference

  • Domestic Violence effects on Children with Ally Manousos (Domestic Violence Specialist at DCF) and Diane Kinney (Co-Director of Circle)
  • LBGTQ Transgender Workshop with Mara Iverson

The VT DCF Family Services Division is updating its Foster Care Regulations

The VT DCF Family Services Division (DCF-FSD) is updating its Foster Care Regulations which have not been fully reviewed and updated since 1992. In October 2017, the Residential Licensing and Special Investigations Unit (RLSI) completed its initial review and began discussing revisions. In early 2018 the US Congress passed the Family First Prevention Services Act which requires the federal government to develop model standards for foster care licensing. These federal standards have been considered and incorporated into the VT draft regulations and the conversation about how this will impact current practice continues.

They are beginning to share this draft with their closest internal stakeholders for review and comment before the formal distribution for comment occurs. Foster and adoptive parents are imperative to and valued by DCF-FSD and we wanted to ensure that they were all part of our initial reviews.

The draft regulations have been shared with the Vermont Foster/Adoptive Family Association (VFAFA) and Vermont Kin as Parents (VKAP).  Any comments or questions can be emailed to the workgroup alias also listed below or directed to VFAFA or VKAP representatives.

Overview of major changes: Draft regulations are updated to…

• align with the Reasonable and Prudent Parenting Standards;

• encourage culturally sensitive and inclusive foster parenting;

• update bedroom requirements and encourage developmentally appropriate sleeping arrangements;

• address “vaping” and marijuana use.

• address water safety

• reflect federally proposed Model Family Foster Home Licensing Standards. Changes include, but are not limited to: variance allowance to encourage and support kinship care, immunization requirements, functional literacy and the ability to communicate with a foster child in their own language, physical exam requirements, etc.

Here is a link the full document.