VKAP Conference 2020

The Kinship 2020 Conference was a great Event. Did you miss it?

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VKAP 2020 Conference
The virtual VKAP 2020 Conference is free to everyone. Sign up now and join us online 8:45 am on the morning of September 23rd 2020.
Keynote speaker and workshop details below
PDF of slideshow by keynote Jeanine Fitzgerald

Virtual Conference 2020

What is a Virtual Conference? It is a safe way to use your computer or phone to participate. We will be emailing instructions to all people who sign up. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom Video Conferencing, here is a link to their site with a number of videos that should answer your questions. ALSO, we will have people in each virtual room to help people once you have made the connection. Lastly, you may contact us by regular phone (802) 871-5104 and someone will help answer your questions.

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Workshop Title: Attachment and Attunement

Workshop Description: This lesson will explain how healthy attachment is achieved as well as the ways that attachment can be negatively impacted by early child hood experiences. We will also discuss ways that caregivers can promote healing through attunement.

Name: Amy Bielawski-Branch

Title: Training Specialist

Organization: Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership

BRIEF BIOGRAPHY OF PRESENTER(S)  Amy is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor with 30 years of providing therapy, consultation, facilitation, training and supervision. Her areas of expertise include mental health crisis, adolescence, foster/adoptive families, LGBTQ issues, parenting, trauma and sexual abuse.  She is a co-developer of the iTIPS curriculum and is the lead trainer and coordinator of the RPC+ trauma-intensive workshop for caregivers.  She has been a Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership Training Coordinator since 2015. Prior to that she held clinical and/or leadership positions with Invest EAP, Northeastern Family Institute Hospital Diversion Program, Stone House Counseling, Networks, Spectrum Youth and Family Services and First Call.

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Workshop Title: Self-Compassion: Self-care for imperfect people without time or money to spare!

Workshop Description:

This session tells a tale of imperfect parenting and how self-compassion saves the day! You’ll see the story unfold by PowerPoint, gain helpful information about self-compassion and insight into how it can be practiced, especially when you are at your “worst”, to take care of yourself and strengthen your relationship with your kids. You’ll reflect on your current level of self-compassion, and discover with each other new ways to increase it!

Name: Janine Beaudry

Title: Training Specialist


Janine is a parent (in some form or another) of 5, ages 24-7. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Work, has been working with children and parents (in some form or another) for over 20 years, and is currently a Training Specialist with the Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership. As a distinctly imperfect person who’s had to work hard on self-care, she loves learning about (and sharing with others) self-care that is simple, free, and immediately available to everyone. 

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WORKSHOP   TITLE: Mindful Moments and Greater Ease with Kids

WORKSHOP   DESCRIPTION:  Join us to learn about simple but effective skills that can help you, and others in your home, handle whatever is happening with a greater sense of ease.


Name:   Deidra Razzaque

Title:   Training and Coaching Specialist

Organization:   Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership


Deidra has been a Training and Coaching Specialist with the Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership for 12 years, as well as being an artist, writer, and life coach. She aims to offer kin, foster, and adoptive families creative access to skills, resources, and perspectives that will help them best support the young people in their lives. She works to encourage mindfulness, self-care, intercultural responsiveness, and resilience in all that she does.

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WORKSHOP TITLE:  Parenting an LGBTQ+ Child/youth

PRESENTER(S) Name:  Mara Iverson

Title:  Director of Education

Organization:  Outright Vermont


Mara Iverson (she/her) is Director of Education at Outright Vermont, a statewide LGBTQ+ youth advocacy organization. She has worked at universities in Pennsylvania, Texas, and Vermont and has 15 years of LGBTQ+ advocacy and education experience. Mara also works in advocating for racial justice and understanding and managing implicit bias.

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WORKSHOP TITLE:  Healthy Boundaries in Kinship Care


In this workshop, we will discuss how you set healthy boundaries within and around families. We will talk about what boundaries are, how parents and caregivers can model healthy boundaries, and the very difficult matter of boundaries between biological parents and kinship families. We will also reflect on how this is related to relationship skills building and how these efforts contribute to children’s resilience.

PRESENTER(S) Name:  Steven Ness, Ph. D.

Title:  Director of Family Support Programs

Organization:  Prevent Child Abuse Vermont


Steven Ness, Ph. D., has worked with Prevent Child Abuse Vermont since January, 2008, managing Nurturing Parenting Programs and Circle of Parents Support Groups for families in communities across Vermont. Steven has a doctorate in clinical psychology. Before joining PCAVT, he worked in community mental health providing individual, couples, and family therapy and in court systems where he provided mediation, negotiation, and custody evaluation services in civil court regarding child custody, visitation, and other family matters, and domestic violence services in criminal court. His work over the years has focused on supporting families, educating parents, and eliminating child abuse and violence, and he particularly enjoys turning research into best practices.

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WORKSHOP TITLE: Surviving “home alone” by incorporating exercise into our daily life activities.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: Since spending more time at home this year we will discuss ways to incorporate everyday activities into exercises that count. Getting stronger while at home, improving balance just won’t happen unless you work at it. The role of posture at home work stations and when doing exercises make a difference on the stress on your muscles and joints.

PRESENTER(S) Name: Stephen Rambur PT
Title: Physical Therapist
Organization: Timberlane Physical Therapy