Caregiver – November is Family Caregiver Month . .

Feel free to print / distribute this poster from Vermont State DAIL Division

Vermont Kin as Parents celebrates Family Caregivers year-round. This page is especially for adults who are caring for the children of relatives or family friends. The era of CoVID-19 has added a whole new twist for Caregivers of all sorts.

NAVIGATING resources in Vermont is much easier now with the RESOURCE GUIDE & DIRECTORY links below:

Aging in Vermont “is designed to provide older Vermonters and their families with a list of local (and sometimes national) resources and explain why and how to access them. It can be challenging to know where to begin and where to find the help that you may need along the way. Vermont has a passionate and dedicated support community that can help provide options and answers.”

Kinship Caregivers Guide – A guide for adults who are caring for the children of relatives or family friends. A collaborative effort of VKAP, COVE and DCF

Vermont Parents’ Home Companion & Resource Directory (VPHC) “is a parenting guide to child development featuring golden tips for everyday problems and a complete list of local and statewide and national resources for children and families by each county in Vermont.”

The above resources were developed and shared by the organizations below and many of you who found answers and share to all of our community.

  • Vermont Kin as Parents (VKAP)
  • Community of Vermont Elders (COVE)
  • Prevent Child Abuse Vermont (PCAV)
  • Disabilities Aging and Independent Living (DAIL)
  • Department for Children and Families (DCF)


Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership is Facilitating the Professional Development of Caregivers and the Family Services Workforce.

Please use form below to recommend other resources we should include in the next editions of any of these Resource Guides & Directories.

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