The Issues

Relative caregivers experience dramatic and unplanned changes in their lives when they take on the responsibility for the children including:

  • Lack of knowledge about resources and how the system works
  • Legal issues and legal expenses
  • Unplanned expenses; financial challenges
  • Delayed retirement or return to work after retirement
  • Finding quality childcare and paying for it
  • Becoming the parental figure rather than the doting relative
  • Understanding the children who have often been traumatized
  • Working with schools, homework and technology, all of which have changed since they were in school
  • Strained or conflicting relationships with the child’s parents
  • Changed relationships with other family members
  • Loss of freedom
  • Loss of friends
  • Little or no break from the “parenting role”

Because VKAP was founded and is staffed by relatives raising children, we understand the issues that kinship caregivers face and can offer help and support.