In today’s world many grandparents and other relatives are stepping up to raise the children. We help Kinship caregivers who find it challenging to navigate legal, education, childcare, financial, nutrition and medical resources at local, state and federal levels.

Our Mission

Vermont Kin as Parents is committed to support Vermonters who are raising children when the parents are unable to because of substance abuse, physical or mental health issues, incarceration, military deployment, or other reasons. VKAP educates the public and community partners about the joys and difficulties these families experience. 

Vermont Kin As Parents was established as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2005. Your Charitable contributions are tax-exempt.  Vermont Kin as Parents address is: 1205 North Ave., Burlington VT 05408

VKAP Kinship Navigator Program 

Do you work with Kinship Caregivers (relatives raising children)who find it challenging to arrange childcare or who are working with schools that have changed so much?

Are they feeling alone and could use an empathetic ear?
Are they struggling financially caring for the children?

We are here to help you and them navigate the issues kinship families often face!

What we can do:

Educate Kinship Caregivers about resources and supports.
Directly refer Kinship Caregivers to appropriate services.
Help establish and maintain relationships between Kinship Caregivers and their formal supports.
Advocate for services and resources for Kinship Caregivers.
Bring the voice of Kinship Care Families to community collaborative meetings.

For more information contact:

Kinship Navigator:  (802) 871-5104

THE MORE YOU KNOW: Vermont Child Welfare Training Partnership is Facilitating the Professional Development of Caregivers and the Family Services Workforce

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